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Return of goods

The return of goods procedure is regulated by article 26.1 of the federal law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

1. Return the goods in good quality.

If the product of good quality for some reason did not suit you, you can immediately return it to the courier or do it within 7 calendar days after its delivery.

In order to make a refund, the following documents are required:

- refund form with your signature;

- a sales receipt or a cashier's check;

- ID document.

Return of goods of good quality is possible if its presentation (factory packaging, seals, labels), packaging and consumer properties are preserved.

In case of rejection of the goods, if it is part of the set, the return is carried out only in a complete set.

When returning goods of good quality, the online store www.homesova.com will conduct an examination within 3 business days at its own expense.

If, based on the results of the examination, a decision is made that you have fulfilled all of the above conditions and the goods are to be returned, then we will refund you its value no later than 10 banking days from the receipt of the goods and your written application.

If, during the examination, it is established that the product was in use, has external damage or defects (cracks, chips, damage to the fabric, seams, stitches, embroideries, applications, scratches), then we will be forced to take a negative decision and return the goods to you.

If the goods of good quality did not suit you by color, size or completeness, you can exchange it for a similar product within 7 calendar days from the receipt of the order, not counting the day of purchase.

If a similar product is not available on the website www.homesova.com, you will need to make a refund.

2. Return of goods of inadequate quality.

In some cases, the Buyer may return the Goods of inadequate quality to the Seller and demand a refund of the money paid during the warranty period, expiration date or, if such a period has not been established, within a reasonable period not exceeding two years. The Buyer may also require the replacement of the Goods of inadequate quality or eliminate defects.

In order to make a refund, the following documents are required:

- refund form with your signature;

- a sales receipt or a cashier's check;

- ID document.

Ways of return of goods.

Return by courier service. This return method is for free.

Return by the Russian Post. Post expenses are paid by the Buyer;

Address for return: 6 Prichalnaya str., Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, 143405

When making a parcel at the post office, you must fill out an inventory of the goods sent and attach it to the parcel.

Methods for a refund.

The buyer will be refunded within 10 banking days upon presentation of an identity document.

Bank transfer. The buyer must send an e-mail to info@homesova.com, where the following information is indicated: Name, date of payment, amount of payment, reason for return, bank account and bank details for the refund.

The term for transferring funds is 10 banking days.

Postal transfer. Money is returned by postal transfer within 10 business days from the moment we receive the returned goods by Russian Post.